Chrystal Spencer


Chrystal is a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences, pursuing both a major in Psychology and an Individualized Major in Cognitive Science, and a minor in the Biological Sciences. She is currently working in the lab as a research volunteer. Her research investigates whether people’s misalignment when it comes to correctly assigning a certain illness to a given organ can be attributed to inaccurate expectations of the symptoms of illnesses, or to an inaccurate knowledge of organ location.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Chrystal aspires to attain doctorate degrees in clinical psychology and behavioral neuroscience, and to become a clinical pediatric neuropsychologist. She would also like to continue to conduct research in psychology and behavioral neuroscience.

Chrystal’s extracurricular involvement includes membership in student organizations such as the West Indian Student Organization, the Traditional Events Committee for Douglass Residential College, the Rutgers University Differently-Abled Students & Allies organization, and the Rutgers University Psychological Alliance.

In her leisure, Chrystal enjoys reading, exercising, and watching movies.