Kaitlin Leyble


Kaitlin is a sophomore funded as an Aresty research fellow. Last summer, she participated in the Aresty Summer Science program. Currently, she is working with Dr. Pernille Hemmer and doing research on symptoms and symptom location and how an individual’s prior experience with specific symptoms influences his or her decision to seek care.

Kaitlin plans on majoring in Psychology and possibly minoring in Cognitive Science.

After graduation, she plans to get her doctorate in Psychology and teach as a professor while conducting her own research. The idea of becoming an expert witness also appeals to her very much. Apart from the research she is currently doing, she is very interested in false and implanted memories and is curious as to whether those with the loss of certain senses, such as eyesight and hearing, are more or less prone to false and implanted memories than someone who has all of their senses.

In her spare time, Kaitlin enjoys reading, writing, running, and yoga. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.