Mie-Hawa Sumner


Mie-Hawa is a rising sophomore at Rutgers University that is majoring in Psychology. She started out in the lab as a 2014 Aresty Summer Science fellow, and has continued research in the lab for course credit.  Currently, she is working on a project examining the effects of popular culture on everyday memory for ubiquitous information such as famous quotes, idioms, and song lyrics, and how they are misremembered over time.

Mie-Hawa plans on going into either Clinical or Counseling Psychology. Her personal goal is to work with people who struggle in their day-to-day lives and ease them into big changes in their lives. Her career goals are to earn her Master’s Degree and later pursue her Doctorate in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. Mie-Hawa enjoys reading, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Presentations at conferences and meetings

Sumner, M.*, Robbins, T., & Hemmer, P. (2014) “The influence of internal and external evidence on health beliefs. Poster presented at the Annual Aresty Summer Research Symposium, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.