Tatjana Mustac

High School Student

Tatjana is a senior at Saint Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows,  New York. Tatjana is a student in the Science Research Program under the mentorship of Dr. Pernille Hemmer. She is a member of the National Honor  Society, Foreign Language National Honor Society, Drug & Alcohol Prevention Team, Peer Counseling and P.S.4 Volunteering Program. At Saint Francis Preparatory School, Tatjana has created the Croatian Club and is the President for its third consecutive year. In her spare time, Tatjana enjoys: dancing at her dance school, Croatian folklore, photography, traveling, and volunteering at her service sites: Dancing Dreams and Croatian School. Tatjana’s research interests include assessing the influences of memory and music on bilinguals. Memory is an important factor when attempting to learn something new for instance learning a new language. Memory aids individuals to recall how to speak, read, and write in other languages. In the future, Tatjana plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Neuroscience, become a Neurosurgeon, continue her research and travel the world.