Testimonials from Matlab Programming for Undergraduates

“I learned how to program and to my surprise I’m pretty good at it!”

“[Dr. Hemmer] made it very clear that this course will change how we think by the end of the term and so far, my thinking about computer programming has improved. I am now a better computer programmer in MATLAB and I know I will need this skill throughout the rest of my academic career.”

“I don’t think I have ever had a course which taught me to problem solve, analyze, or think critically as much as this course has. Though I ended up enjoying the programming and will continue to use it, more people should take this course because it promotes the kind of thinking and skill set that you need for jobs/grad school.

“Went in dreading it, ended up loving the class”

“Great class, really fun and challenging.”


Undergraduate Courses

Matlab Programming (PDF)

Cognition (PDF)

Graduate Courses

Matlab Programming (PDF)

Bayesian Cognitive Modeling (PDF)