Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston is a rising senior at Carleton College, studying computer science with an interest in Evolutionary Computation and Human Computer Interaction. She is a Perceptual Science and Technology REU Fellow summer of 2014.

Emily has previously studied communication in evolutionary multi-agent systems using genetic programming and artificial neural networks with Professor Sherri Goings. Currently, she is developing an iOS application in collaboration with Talia Robbins to test the effect of somatic feedback received through a mobile device in improving medication adherence in asymptomatic illnesses.

In the future she plans to attend graduate school to further her Computer Science studies. In her spare time, Emily enjoys reading, playing video games, and dancing.

Papers and Presentations at conferences and meetings

Naozumi Hiranuma, Emily P.M. Johnston, Alby Himelick & Sherri Goings (2014, April). “Evolution of Cooperation and Communication in Robot Hunting”, Poster presented at the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium, Verona, WI.

Sherri Goings, Emily P. M. Johnston, Naozumi Hiranuma (2014). The Effect of Communication on the Evolution of Cooperative Behavior in a Multi-Agent System. The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada.