Karan Jalundhwala

Karan is a rising junior in the Business school, currently an interdisciplinary Statistics/Mathematics and Business Analytics-Information Systems major with a minor in the Cognitive Sciences. He was originally working with Pernille Hemmer through the Fall-Spring Aresty Research Assistant Program, and now works without an organizational affiliation.

His first project was an extension of a color memory study that Graduate student Kimele Persaud created. Currently, he is editing the framework of an iOS application (originally created by Emily Johnston) to gauge the effect of somatic feedback on medical adherence in asymptomatic illnesses.

His future plans are to acquire a Doctorate in Mathematical Statistics and find a way to integrate what he learns into cognition, psychology, biomathematics, or artificial intelligence.

Presentations at conferences and meetings

Jalundhwala, K., Persaud, K., & Hemmer, P. (2014). The influence of prior knowledge on episodic memory for colors. 10th Annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. (PDF)